18 Crafty Ways To Show Your Love For Canada

18 Crafty Ways To Show Your Love For Canada

1. Make these adorable little flag pins.

Directions here.

2. Pay homage to moose and the Mounties with this excellent print.

Available here.

3. Three words: watermelon daiquiri pops.

Get the directions here.

4. Felt a maple leaf brooch.

Here’s how.

5. Your nails were meant to show national pride.

6. Canadize your cupcakes.

It’s a word IF I SAY IT IS. Get these little flags here.

7. Make Canada Day bunting.

Get the tutorial here.

8. Plant a garden of Canadian love.

Via Shutterstock

You might have to wait a little longer than these other projects, but it’ll be totally worth it.

9. Colo(u)r!

Get the book here.

10. Binational? Bi-no-problem!

This is oddly intimate.

11. Say it with lunch.

12. Or a hand-printed* T-shirt.

*Literally. This would be especially fun to do with kids. Directions here.

13. Or just skip the t-shirt altogether.

14. Knit some geese.

Pattern available here (with login).

15. Or an illusion placemat.

(brought to you by actual real magic)

Pattern here.

16. Stamp everything you own.

Available here.

17. Make Canada Day dog treats.

Although since your dog probably doesn’t know about Canada Day, he’ll appreciate them all year long.

18. PRO TIP: Maybe don’t dye your dog?

Or make him model while you play “SexyBack.” IDK.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/crafty-ways-to-show-your-love-for-canada

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